Nia Akrong 

CEO, Entrepreneur, Christ Follower, Wife, Transformation Strategist, Business Coach, Speaker,  and Servant Leader

Trust in God and transformation will follow

Nia Akrong

I am a wife to a loving husband that respects and supports my vision, a transformation strategist, servant leader, and a woman of many talents. Not only am I an innovator of both corporate and ministry teams, but absolutely passionate about God, strategy, and empowering women.

Devoted to my vision of empowering women, I use my background in business and law to encompass mindful, but strategic approaches to situational and transformational management. Fueled by my passion for understanding the biblical mysteries of true transformation, Glitz Transformations was born.

It may seem all milk and honey on the outside like I have everything, but my life wasn't always peaches and cream. In fact, I use to live out of my car. 

Here's the Twist

I grew up in a culture where my support system was nonexistent, in a household where my mother worked three jobs and raising myself was the new norm'. You can imagine the mountains of bad choices I've made. For years, I lived in a constant state of unworthiness, emptiness, unforgiveness, and disappointment.

Actually, the fact is, I'm not alone there are plenty of women that have gone through the same struggle. As a matter of fact, I wouldn't be shocked if at some point this was also your struggle. But, I'm here today to tell you there's a way out. 

If you're living in a constant state of stagnancy or disappointment, rest assured you're in the right place. Transform your life today, you no longer have to be bound to bad choices from your past or attached to roads going nowhere. 

Girl! Live in Your Skin. Life is full of twist and turns, but know God is not finished with you yet. 

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