Small Business



Glitz Transformations works with clients on strategy, planning and problem-solving to develop business skills and knowledge. We also offer business design, business model or marketing plan, including the determination of which marketing techniques to use and how to use them. We assist clients with learning how to plan and implement projects and provide small business owners advice, teachable skills, and how to’s on producing practical results.


Our small business transformation process really helps create success by focusing on personal development, business processes and performance improvement. We brainstorm with clients to enhance strategic thinking, fix existing problems, head off potential dangers and make sure the business is best positioned for growth.  

This process will examine time management skills, self-sabotaging behavior (like procrastination and distraction), clarity of business, decision making, and implementation actions. Here at Glitz Transformations, we help our clients find the answers within themselves.

Medium Business

Monday- Friday


At Glitz Transformations we focus on business solutions, management and strategy. Our model is to enhance value through opportunities. If you're looking to expand your markets geographically, extend your product portfolio, reorganize your middle market company to promote efficiency and cost-effectiveness, or increase your overall capabilities, then you’re in the right place.


In medium size businesses we focus more on operations. Want to improve the quality and efficiency of your operation processes? We can help you create and implement a new way of doing just that. We specialize in business process restructure, meaning that we come in and map out your existing processes, analyze opportunities for reducing the number of steps in that process while maintaining quality, and restructure your processes in a way that reduces steps and costs. 

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